The Autodata Group

For over 25 years the Autodata Group of companies has provided software products, tools, and rich automotive content with the objective of helping manufacturers, their dealers and others more effectively market and sell their vehicles. We continue to be dedicated to providing solutions that increase the effectiveness of the automotive sales chain and help put vehicles in consumer's driveways. The Autodata Group has over 700 people serving all sectors of the global automotive industry.

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Chrome Data provides automotive content, competitive research, vehicle configuration data & tools and other related services to the automotive industry. Chrome Data content enabled solutions include vehicle configuration and ordering, vehicle comparison, vehicle description, VIN decoding, incentives programs, images, vehicle reviews and vehicle accessories. Chrome Data is the premier data technology enabler of the North American auto industry.

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Autodata leverages technology and data expertise to build, deploy and support web and mobile applications. These technology solutions range from enabling dealer-to-OEM vehicle ordering to consumer-focused interactive marketing initiatives such as brand web sites, dealer web sites, dealership sales tools and mobile solutions. Over the last two decades we have enabled most of the automotive companies in North America including Fiat Chrysler Automobile, Ford, GM, Nissan, Toyota, Mazda, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Volvo, and Jaguar.

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UnityWorks provides a comprehensive suite of enriched data-driven digital products, from VIN videos and model/service videos to computer generated vehicle imagery. We enable the automotive industry to make the best first impression where the vehicle sale begins, on the customer's desktop, tablet or mobile screen. UnityWorks continues to revolutionize the way in which dealerships merchandise their online inventory.

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Vision for the Future

Autodata Group of companies are subsidiaries of Internet Brands, Inc. and are dedicated to the automotive industry. The Autodata Group of companies are positioned with exclusive technologies and strong partnerships that give automotive manufacturers and dealerships unparalleled solutions that are best-of-breed in the industry. We apply our resources to deliver products and services that surpass our clients' expectations and fuel our company-wide growth.